Reconditioned Turbo Engines

We stock fully reconditioned 200tdi engines and 300tdi engines. These engines have been reconditioned in England by our Partner

The 200tdi and 300tdi reconditioning process starts with the selection of engines from vehicles that have had no engine modifications, show healthy engine characteristics and no signs of abusive ownership.

  • The engines are stripped, cleaned and undergo the following reconditioning.
  • Blocks are tested, rebored and honed to first oversize bore
  • Cranks are reground or polished and refitted with new main bearings
  • New pistons, big end bearings and rings are fitted first oversize
  • New heads are installed with new valves and springs
  • Cam shafts and bearings are checked, measured and replaced where needed
  • The engines are fitted with all new seals, plugs, belts and gaskets
  • They receive 4 new injectors
  • 4 new glow plugs
  • A reconditioned Melett turbo
  • New timing belt, idler and tensioner
  • Reconditioned fuel injection pump
  • New fuel lift pump
  • New vacuum pump
  • New water pump
  • Reconditioned starter motor

They are then numbered, tested and ready for shipping.

The 200tdi reconditioning process is as above with the exceptions of reconditioned injectors and head assembly.

Reconditioned 300tdi engine price is $6990.00  and includes shipping to your nearest freight terminal

Reconditioned 200tdi engine price is $6990.00 and includes shipping to your nearest freight terminal

Our Reconditioned Engines are guaranteed for 6 months from Date of Purchase