What is a 200di engine?

Put simply, it is a Land Rover  200tdi engine, down-rated by removing the turbocharger and intercooler.  This provides a 4 cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine producing approximately 85 hp, with gobs more torque than any of the original series engines. 

Where do they come from?

The Land Rover Discovery sold in very large numbers from 1989-94.  They have a reputation for body rot, and many reach the stage where the cost of the required bodywork to pass the UK annual inspection is greater than the value of the vehicle.  With a partner garage in the UK, AL Services .co.uk, we are able to purchase good, used core engine units from mechanically sound vehicles that have structural issues beyond economic repair.

The 200tdi  has a world renowned reputation as a very strong, durable engine.

Our 200tdi engines are chosen and checked by our partners in the UK.  They are steam cleaned and prepared with new cam belt kits and reconditioned starter motors.  The turbo is removed and blank plated.  The reason for this is to keep the engine bay looking as stock as possible and to avoid overpowering the original drive train and general handling/braking of an older vehicle.  The engine casing is modified to fit directly to a series bell housing and transmission. The conversion retains the original air filter system and radiator giving a nice stock look when finished.

There are many good articles and further information regarding this conversion available on websites found through a google search for " Land Rover 200tdi engine conversion".

They are a direct fit, legal replacement engine for any model series truck that is 25 years or older (a VIN number will be required). 


This engine has a slightly higher horsepower than a healthy 2.25 petrol engine and gobs more torque.


The engine kit includes the following parts:

-New pressure plate

-New clutch plate

-New throttle cable

-New land Rover oil filter

-New fuel filter

-New fan belt

-Alternator/generator spacer plates

-Stainless exhaust adaptor with 4" flex joint(re-joins original system at cross member)

We would recommend replacing your engine mount rubbers when the conversion is done but the mounts do not need to be moved.


The kit includes a DVD instruction of the install taking place into a left hand drive Series III truck.

The engine kit price is $3,750.00 plus shipping (shipping from 06754.  Approx $400 to Mid USA and $550 to West Coast)


We have been working on how to keep the turbo in a left hand drive truck.  Our favorite solution is to use the exhaust manifold from a 300 tdi which positions the turbo into enough space for the plumbing without interfering with the steering.  We used this method in our 1961 series II and currently run it with no intercooler and the stock air filter. Estimated horsepower is 100hp.